Biogen REACH and
accessing SKYCLARYS

The Biogen REACH Provider Center is an educational resource for healthcare professionals
who have prescribed SKYCLARYS. Get started by downloading the Start Form.

The Biogen REACH Provider Center

Education, Access & Care Helpline

The Biogen REACH Provider Center is an informational resource for healthcare professionals who have prescribed SKYCLARYS. Your patient is not required to enroll in Biogen REACH before you prescribe SKYCLARYS. However, their signed consent is required to access all program support services.

Within the Biogen REACH Provider Center you can find information about:

Care Navigators

Once your patient is enrolled in Biogen REACH, Care Navigators can help them explore options to help stay on track with their SKYCLARYS prescription. Care Navigators can provide answers to your patient’s questions about their:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Eligibility for affordability options
  • At-home prescription delivery
  • Options to speak with a pharmacy representative or nurse

You or your patient can speak with a Care Navigator by calling 1-844-98-REACH. Care Navigators are available 8 AM-8 PM EST, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Specialty pharmacy

Your patient’s SKYCLARYS prescription will be delivered by a specialty pharmacy. The Biogen REACH exclusive specialty pharmacy, Biologics, will contact your patient to confirm the delivery address and collect any copayments or coinsurance that may be required for each monthly supply of their SKYCLARYS prescription. SKYCLARYS is not available at retail pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, etc. Biogen REACH can provide information to you and your office staff to understand insurance requirements for obtaining approval for your patient’s SKYCLARYS prescription. The specialty pharmacy may also contact your patient to discuss their:

  • SKYCLARYS prescription
  • Side effect management
  • Insurance benefits and copays
  • Ability to get copay assistance

Affordability options

Find out if your patient is eligible. Options may be available to help your patient save on their SKYCLARYS prescription whether they are insured, underinsured, or uninsured.* Once they are enrolled in Biogen REACH, your patient may speak with a Care Navigator who can help explore their eligibility for affordability options by calling 1-844-98-REACH.

*Subject to eligibility and program terms and conditions. Biogen REACH affordability options are not healthcare insurance.

Biogen REACH enrollment

Getting started

You must complete and submit a Start Form for your patient before they can speak with a Care Navigator and access Biogen REACH support offerings. The Start Form should be faxed to Biogen REACH at 1-844-806-1718.

You may need to ask your patient to provide information to complete the patient sections of the form. Your patient or their authorized caregiver will need to sign the form to access support offerings.* If any part of the form that is received by the specialty pharmacy is incomplete or missing, Biogen REACH will contact you or your patient for clarification and completion. Biogen REACH may contact the patient to send a digital consent form. A patient signature is not required to submit and process a prescription.

*Your patient is not required to enroll in Biogen REACH support offerings before you prescribe SKYCLARYS or for them to access their prescription.